The affordable and versatile HA90C chiropractic elevation drop table is one of Hill Laboratories most popular chiropractic table models. From a basic HA90C with elevation to a fully loaded model with air-drops, the HA90C is a workhorse for everyday practice.

Each HA90C is custom built with your choice of up to 4 drops including pelvic drop, thoracic drop, lumbar drop and cervical drop.

We have two HA90C chiropractic table models, one with manual drops (visit the HA90C webpage here), and one with air drops (visit the Air-Drop HA90C here)

The HA90C can be equipped with many options. All of these options can be viewed at

That table comes in 3 base colors of beige, grey or black, with a choice of over 30 attractive upholstery colors, including our designer line of finesse tricot material that is puncture resistant with the look and feel of fine leather.

All tables come with a one-year warranty.

All parts are self-lubricating and practically maintenance free.

The HA90C is a time tested elevation drop table available at an affordable price that continues to carry the Hill Laboratories tradition of quality and innovation.

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  1. Todd Lloyd, DC Says:

    I think the Hill HA90c is one of the best chiropractic tables on the market. I love them.

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